• English words #1

    La version en anglais de l'article "Mots d'Anglais #2". Théoriquement, il ne devrait pas y avoir trop de fautes, mais si vous en voyez, n'hésitez pas à signaler !

    Je ne sais pas si ce texte vous amusera mais en ce qui me concerne, j'ai trouvé cela très drôle à faire !

    Bonne lecture à ceux d'entre vous qui auront le courage de se lancer ! ^^




                “I came here because I would like to speak with you about an affliction I suffer from and about the accompanying guilt too. This is my problem each time I go to a restaurant. I always would like to order every single thing on the menu. I did it few times ago but I had to stop because I was getting fat. It is the same thing in a department store; I always would like to buy everything. Do you understand?”

                “Yes, I do. You know, you must be selective. You must take a different approach.”

                “That’s my stand point. So, since a few days, I try to pinpoint things I love. But I love everything!”

                “You’re right, this is a problem. We must have an other try. For instance, tell me which colour you prefer.”

                “I loved gorgeous colours!”

                “Explain your answer, please.”

                “All colours are beautiful so it would be inappropriate to choose more precisely.”

                “I see. Take an other example. Please, imagine a man, so it’s not you all right? He works at home but he lives in a chaotic, noisy household with children running everywhere. What does he have to do?”

                “If he wants to work in great conditions, I think he compartmentalizes his life. The room where he works must be forbidden to children.”

                “Exactly, you understood. Now, you have to make choices, like him! Other example. You’re in a store which sales luxury goods. You’re hesitating between two vests. One made of velvet, the second made of fur. Which of them do you buy?”

                “They are sumptuous materials! I take both!”

                “No, you must choose. Anyway, you can wear only one at a time.”

                “Is it like with a bodice?”

                “Hum, yes, if you want.”

                “It reminds me a book of fairy tales I had when I was a child!”

                “Really? This is interesting. Why?”

                “Because one of the pictures represented Goldilocks in bear’s living room. Do you know the story, don’t you? I always asked myself which porridge she was going to eat. I always had a bet with my mum to try to guess it. Do you want to have a bet with me?”

                It’s not a leap of faith. I think she will eat the little bear’s porridge. And you?”

                “I always answered my mum this; she was going to eat Goldilocks’s porridge, and I was sure to win! Whatever the porridge she chooses, my answer was perfect.”

                “And then, you had not to choose, it make perfect sense.”

                “Yes, it does. Now, you know that it was already my problem when I was a five-year-old girl. Yesterday I found that book. I was reading it and suddenly I saw this picture. It made me stop in my tracks and…”

                “Stop! Did you say that it made you stop in your tracks?”

                 “Yes I did.”

                “This is proof you can choose! How did you do this choice?”

                “Well, I did it because Goldilocks’s face was bathed in this glowing light, do you understand?”

                “Of course I do. This is because it helps you to fill in a gap in yourself.”


                “Absolutly, I’ll show you. I will describe to you a clothing item. Close your eyes and try to imagine it. Very good. This is a white brocade doublet with a plain high collar. It has intricate buttons with twisted silk thread. It is snug. What do you think of?”

                “I’m thinking about a coverlet.”

                “Great. Why do you think about it?”

                “Because it is white and snug, like the coverlet put by my mum on my bed when I was young.”

                “Do you often see your mother?”

                “No, I don’t. She is in an institution next to Cranfield and I live in London.”

                “I knew it! You miss your mother and you think about her everytime you see something white like the coverlet, or glowing like Goldilocks’s face! You regret your childhood and this blockage prevents you from making choices!”

                “Well, if you say so. In fact, our conversation helps me to think about the party my mum had held in our honnor for our birthday.”

                “Our? Are you several people now?”

                “No! My, I meant to say my! I was wrong, don’t be a faultfinder, I’m going to flush! I always flush when someone teases me.”

                “I’m sorry but you were muttering and it is a common assumption; when someone barely utters something, it is because it’s very important for him or herself. Well, continue, please.”

                “So, this day I was playing in the kitchen garden because the favourite expression of adults was “to drink steadily” and I was afraid.”

                “Then, you decided to play in the kitchen garden. You see, you are able to make choices!”

                “But I heard adults who were speaking and my uncle came close to strangle himself when he learnt this; an heir of my grand-father was not a member of the family. To avoid a fight because of alcohol, I decided to drain the rest of the wine in tomatoes plans.”

                “It was a great choice; people can do anything when they are drinking. By the way, which wine was it?”

                “It was claret.”

                “And you put it in tomatoes plans. It is a good idea, it helps tomatoes to grow up.”

                “Did you ever try it?”

                “Of course I do! I love gardening! Anyway, I’m chatting and I didn’t see the hour. It is the end of our meeting. Let me escort you to the door.”

                “Well, OK.”

                “Don’t forget, you can make choices, so choose, did you understand?”

                “I promise I’ll try.”

                “Great. By the way, congratulations on, on what? Oh yes I know, on your upcoming nuptials!”

                “I’m not getting married.”

                “Don’t worry, it will happen one day and I’ll be content. Goodbye!”

                “Well, goodbye.”

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